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Learn a different approach to working with your thoughts & feelings, manage stress better, & enjoy your experiences more fully. 

Learn Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool to help us find clarity, focus, and relaxation in the midst of chaos and stress. Dr Sue Jackson can help you cultivate the skill of mindfulness, and either begin or deepen a meditation practice, through individual psychology sessions or in small group classes.

Psychology, Performance & Flow Science

Discover Purpose & Unlock Flow

Experienced Psychologist

Sue is a psychologist with over 25 years of experience in helping to bring positive change in the lives of those she works with. Sue enjoys working with people across a range of presenting issues, be they in the area of personal wellbeing, or optimal performance. 

Flow Expert

Dr. Sue Jackson was one of the first academic researchers to investigate the state of flow in high performance settings. Flow is that feeling of losing yourself in a task where you do your best work, or produce your optimal performance.  Sue has dedicated her career to firstly researching, and now working as a consultant with others, to foster understanding of this optimal state, with the aim of helping individuals and teams to perform at their best.

High Performance Coach

Developing performance psychology skills can improve productivity, resilience, and performance. Sue is experienced in providing targeted trainings designed to help participants experience optimal mental states in their work. 

Workshops & Classes

Sue speaks passionately on positive psychology, flow state, mindfulness, and values-driven perspectives. Sue currently runs meditation mini-retreats aimed at completely relaxing, gentle yoga & meditation classes, and tailor-made training programs for organisations and individuals interested in developing mindfulness, awareness, and flow.

Dr Sue Jackson

Brisbane Psychologist | Expert in Flow & Performance

Dr. Sue Jackson is a Brisbane Psychologist recognized internationally as an expert in flow state research in performance, co-authoring the foundational book, Flow in Sports: The Keys to Optimal Experiences and Performances’ with flow founder, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Dr. Sue Jackson completed her PhD on flow research at the University of North-Carolina-Greensboro. She is now recognised as an industry expert in flow research and performance psychology. Sue consults for various flow centred organisations and works with individual clients looking to unlock their best performance.

Sue has a strong and diverse background of training, and a real interest in making a positive difference to real-world challenges. Sue guides clients to uncover what they want to achieve, and develop strategies to make it happen.

Friday Morning 90min Online Meditation Class

Extended meditation practices to calm the mind and relax the body, plus discussion on how to apply meditation and mindfulness into our lives.

Thursday Evening 60min Online Meditation Class

Led meditation practices that focus on calming our mind and nervous system, and letting go of the worrying thoughts that will likely be part of our day-to-day living in this tumultuous time. 

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    1 week ago

    Body and Mind Flow
    How is 2021 shaping up for you so far? In my latest newsletter, I have shared some thoughts about how to thrive - not just survive - living in this time of significant change and uncertainty. #thriving #notjustsurviving #beinspired ... See MoreSee Less
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    4 weeks ago

    Body and Mind Flow
    Eight hours of recording and even Layla’s feeling tired. . She stayed with me for the duration though and so pleased to have my Flow Meditation Course audio files recorded, with great tech support from Pat Self, whose skills-set is as boundless as his patience. Looking forward to getting all the materials together for a New Year’s launch on Insight Timer #flow #flowpsychology #meditation #meditationapp #insighttimer ... See MoreSee Less
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    1 month ago

    Body and Mind Flow
    Found a great place to focus on some content writing during my short stay at Noosa. This set up checked several boxes for me: standing desk, nature outlook, quiet surrounds, blue sky days, and my Spotify top songs 2020 playlist for some added focus and energy!How do you find your flow when working on a task?#FindYourFlow #focustime #enjoythemoment ... See MoreSee Less
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    1 month ago

    Body and Mind Flow
    Thanks to the Editorial Team at Insight Timer for choosing "Releasing Tension From The Body Through A Focused Body Scan" for one of their ‘Staff Picks’ for today.Insight Timer provides a wonderful meditation app, and is focused on building their community of 15 million meditators to discover, and grow with, the power of meditation. If you'd like to listen to the track, you can find it at this link, #meditatetorelax #findingbalance ... See MoreSee Less
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    3 months ago

    Body and Mind Flow
    I really enjoyed speaking with Jackie Tann on her Bodies Built Better podcast. Jackie asked insightful and fun questions about flow and how to access this most wonderful optimal performance state. You can listen to our chat on your chosen podcast channel at @jackietann_rmt or via this #flow #findingflow #performancepsychology #sportsperformance #flowstateofmind ... See MoreSee Less
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