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Learn a different approach to working with your thoughts and feelings, manage stress better, and enjoy your experiences more fully. Online coaching consultations available.

2020 Meditation Classes

Join our meditation classes to help with clarity and find a sense of calm in this stressful time. Perfect for beginners looking for peace and more experienced practitioners looking to deepen their practice.

Psychology, Performance & Flow Science

Discover Purpose & Unlock Flow

Experienced Psychologist

Sue is a psychologist with over 25 years of experience in helping to bring positive change in the lives of those she works with. Sue enjoys working with people across a range of presenting issues, be they in the area of personal wellbeing, or optimal performance. 

Flow Expert

Dr. Sue Jackson was one of the first academic researchers to investigate the state of flow in high performance settings. Flow is that feeling of losing yourself in a task where you do your best work, or produce your optimal performance.  Sue has dedicated her career to firstly researching, and now working as a consultant with others, to foster understanding of this optimal state, with the aim of helping individuals and teams to perform at their best.

High Performance Coach

Developing performance psychology skills can improve productivity, resilience, and performance. Sue is experienced in providing targeted trainings designed to help participants experience optimal mental states in their work. 

Workshops & Classes

Sue speaks passionately on positive psychology, flow state, mindfulness, and values-driven perspectives. Sue currently runs meditation mini-retreats aimed at completely relaxing, gentle yoga & meditation classes, and tailor-made training programs for organisations and individuals interested in developing mindfulness, awareness, and flow.

Dr Sue Jackson

Brisbane Psychologist | Expert in Flow & Performance

Dr. Sue Jackson is a Brisbane Psychologist recognized internationally as an expert in flow state research in performance, co-authoring the foundational book, Flow in Sports: The Keys to Optimal Experiences and Performances’ with flow founder, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Dr. Sue Jackson completed her PhD on flow research at the University of North-Carolina-Greensboro. She is now recognised as an industry expert in flow research and performance psychology. Sue consults for various flow centred organisations and works with individual clients looking to unlock their best performance.

Sue has a strong and diverse background of training, and a real interest in making a positive difference to real-world challenges. Sue guides clients to uncover what they want to achieve, and develop strategies to make it happen.

Friday Morning 90min Online Meditation Class

Extended meditation practices to calm the mind and relax the body, plus discussion on how to apply meditation and mindfulness into our lives.

Thursday Evening 60min Online Meditation Class

Led meditation practices that focus on calming our mind and nervous system, and letting go of the worrying thoughts that will likely be part of our day-to-day living in this tumultuous time. 

From the Blog

With welcoming in another year, you may have found yourself setting some new year’s resolutions and perhaps these involved exercising more? To get off to a great start to exercising in a way that will help you to sustain it in the long term, try unplugging from...

Choose to Believe

Choose to Believe

Developing the skill of confidence sets the stage for the type of performance that successful performers refer to in terms such as “an unshatterable self-esteem”, or a knowing that you can do no wrong. Having a sense of control over what you are doing is one of the...

How Runners Can Achieve a Natural High

How Runners Can Achieve a Natural High

Pip Coates, Deputy Editor of The Australian Financial Review Magazine interviewed Sue about the state of flow for a running blog she writes for the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and The Brisbane Times (Fairfax media). See Pip's story below. There are many ways to...

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2 weeks ago

Body and Mind Flow

When the water is clear at Noosa, it’s really clear. The combination of clear blue sky and clear blue ocean winter days at Noosa is magical.

If you’re interested in some internal clarity and calm, meditation is a great pathway. My Friday morning meditation mini-retreats are starting up again July 31.
If you can make the trip to the Upper Brookfield Sanctuary, home of Celia Roberts Yoga and Meditation Retreats for these once monthly sessions, the combination of a beautiful setting in nature, a small group of like-minded people, and a focus on relaxing meditation practices may help your inner world to flow. #clearwater #clearmind #meditate #flow
Follow this link for more info and bookings:
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2 months ago

Body and Mind Flow

Destination Meditation Session this Friday, June 19.

If you're in Brisbane, enjoy being out in nature, and have an interest in exploring meditation practice, consider joining us for our upcoming outdoor meditation June 19. See or contact Sue directly if you'd like to join us. #meditateinnature #brisbanemeditation
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2 months ago

Body and Mind Flow

Destination Meditation.
Beautiful morning to be out in nature, practising walking and breath-focused meditations. Today, Gap Creek Reserve; next month? If you live in Brisbane and would like to join us on these new sessions held once a month, please check out info under Friday morning meditations page on my website,
#meditateinnature #walkingmeditation
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