ACT With Awareness Course

Expressions of interest currently being taken for Sue’s next 6-week Mindfulness Course

Would you like to find solace?
From Anxiety? Stress? Sadness? Sleeplessness? Anger?

ACT with Awareness is a course in mindfulness and psychological flexibility.
You will develop skills in Mindfulness within an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework.


What will the course cover?

Simple, accessible practices to open awareness, increase stillness, enhance calm, and develop focus.

In a small group format, we will practice developing skills in mindfulness and psychological flexibility. Skill development in these areas is associated with stress-reduction, relaxation, and focus. The framework around which the course will be based is ACT, or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training. ACT is a well-researched, modern psychological approach that is grounded in cognitive-behavioural therapy. As well as discussion of mindfulness and ACT processes, there will be experiential exercises focused on increasing awareness, sense of calm, & focus. There will be home practices & exercises, and ongoing review of the impact of these practices on our life experiences.

Who is the course for?

The course is open to anyone who would like to develop a greater ability to be in the present moment, to act with awareness, to stay calm & focused even in high stress situations, and to reflect on what really matters in one’s life.

Who is the practitioner?

Dr Sue Jackson is the course facilitator. Sue is a registered psychologist, with a specialisation in sport and exercise psychology, and training in ACT.