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Sue founded Body and Mind Flow to develop awareness of how flow can be found through alignment of body and mind. Many forms of movement facilitate focusing of the mind in the present moment. It is through engaging in a range of sports and exercise throughout her life that Sue has found a reliable way to facilitate flow in her own experience.

Sue is passionate about sharing her understanding of how quality of life experience – and performance – can be enhanced through training of the mind, and keeping the body active. Sue is offering tailor-made individual mindfulness sessions, and when these are held in person, there’s the option of holding the session while walking, and sitting, in nature. These sessions are held in the Brisbane suburb of Bardon, in the beautiful Mt Cootha Forest parks and trails. It is also possible to see Sue in a traditional sitting consulting space,  bodyandmindflow.com.au/individual-counselling

All ages, shapes, fitness and experience levels are welcome – we can all move forward from where we are, towards a stronger body and a clearer, more focused mind.

For more information about arranging a private mindfulness session please contact Sue. If you are ready to make an appointment, please complete the online booking request below.

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

“I meditate only when I am walking. When I stop, I cease to think; my mind only works with my legs.”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Why Practice Mindfulness in Nature?


Mindfulness is a different way of being to thinking. We spend much of our adult lives thinking, and caught up oftentimes in unhelpful thoughts. Mindfulness is about coming to our senses (also the name of one of the foundational books on mindfulness by the founder of mindfulness-based stress reduction, Coming to Our Senses by Jon Kabat Zinn).

When we are outdoors in nature, it is easier to come to our five senses and out of our thinking minds, through the beauty of the natural environment around us, and breathing in fresh air, and taking in the sounds and sights of the physical world. Many mindfulness traditions incorporate time in nature and in particular, mindful walking, into their practices. One of the modern masters of meditation, and known as the father of mindfulness, Thich Nhat Hanh, taught walking meditation as an integral component of his mindfulness teachings.

We can often more easily move into stillness through movement. The ancient yogis understood this, as illustrated in the earliest writings about the purpose of Yoga – developed thousands of years ago – to help prepare the body to be still in meditation. The practice and teaching of Yoga opened up a new pathway for Sue to understand how body and mind can be unified and flow facilitated.

According to Csikszentmihalyi (Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, 1990), yoga and other physical practices relate in several ways to flow, and provides a useful model for anyone wanting to be in better control of their energy. Csikszentmihalyi wrote in Flow (1990, p. 106) that yoga can be regarded as “one of the oldest and most systematic methods of producing the flow experience.” Find out more about the flow experience.

Whether through yoga, or some other form of movement – including walking – we can facilitate stillness in the mind. Through stillness, we can gain awareness – awareness of our body, mind, and spirit. Awareness of what it is we want and where it is we are going. In essence, we become more mindful.

Mindfulness has become a buzz word of this century. That is in large part to the way our fast-paced, technologically driven lives develop a frazzled, and constantly distracted mind. Through mindfulness, we can develop the critical life skill of being in the present moment. Sue has been on her own journey with mindfulness for many years, and is well-positioned to help train others interested in living more in the present moment through her strong academic credentials and years of practical training and practice.  Contact Sue to see for yourself how mindfulness training can radically change your life.


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