Sport offers plentiful opportunities to experience flow. Yet, the flow experience eludes most athletes and seems mysterious and unachievable to many coaches. Indeed, many athletes experience flow by chance. And little wonder, because the conditions most conducive to experiencing flow and its components have generally not been adequately explained to athletes and coaches. Their options were to wait for flow or try to force it to occur, but this rarely leads to the desired outcome.

We have written Flow in Sports to increase the understanding and incidence of the flow experience in sport. This is not a “12-steps-to-flow” book. Flow would be a simpler but shallower phenomenon if access to it were so easy.

On the contrary, finding flow involves a keen sense of factors that combine to set the stage for it. Underlying the flow experience are sharp mental skills. Flow in Sports gives you information to understand and apply the flow components to your specific situation.

Whether you are an athlete seeking to maximize your sport performance and experience, a coach looking to expand your methods of and knowledge for mentoring your players, or a student of sport or other pursuit adding to your information base in this important area of study, we hope that the reading experience and the results from it will be well worth your time.

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