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Sue’s new book, Experiencing Flow is a transformative guide that unlocks the secrets to achieving optimal experiences and living a life filled with purpose and joy.

Psychology for Mindful Living

Learn a different approach to working with thoughts & feelings,
manage stress, & enjoy your experiences more fully

Experienced Psychologist

Sue is a psychologist with 30 years of experience in helping to bring positive change in the lives of those she works with. Sue enjoys working with people across a range of presenting issues, with particular interests in enhancing wellbeing and working alongside those on the journey of performance excellence.  

Flow Expert

Dr. Sue Jackson was one of the first academic researchers to investigate the state of flow in high performance settings. Flow is that feeling of immersing yourself in a task; it is where you do your best work, and is associated with  optimal performances.  Sue has dedicated her career to firstly researching, and now working as a consultant with others, to foster understanding of this optimal state, with the aim of helping individuals and teams to perform at their best.

Dr Sue Jackson

Brisbane Psychologist | Expert in Flow & Performance

Dr. Sue Jackson is a Brisbane Psychologist recognized internationally as an expert in flow state research in performance, co-authoring the foundational book, Flow in Sports: The Keys to Optimal Experiences and Performances’ with flow founder, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Dr. Sue Jackson completed her PhD on flow research at the University of North-Carolina-Greensboro. She is now recognised as an industry expert in flow research and performance psychology. Sue consults for various flow centred organisations and works with individual clients looking to unlock their best performance.

Sue has a strong and diverse background of training, and a real interest in making a positive difference to real-world challenges. Sue guides clients to uncover what they want to achieve, and develop strategies to make it happen.

Insight T

Finding Your Flow For Optimal Performance

10-Day Course

Learn how to apply the science of flow to your life with Sue’s 10 part course exclusively for Insight Timer. Tools to focus the mind, this course aims to help you gain the skills you need to unlock your best performances.

Psychological Training for Optimal Performance

Developing performance psychology skills can improve productivity, resilience, and enjoyment in the high performance space. Sue is experienced in providing targeted trainings designed to help participants experience optimal mental states in their work and performance.

Interviews with Sue

Strong Mind Podcast with Hazel Findlay

High Performance Mindset

Your Superior Self

Bodies Built Better

Interview with Celia Roberts

CBCD Media Podcast

‘Online Consulting Available

Sue works with people all over the world to help them learn the skills they need to unlock their best performances, discover present moment awareness, and achieve their goals.

Get in touch today to book a free 15 min consultation call to see if its a good fit.

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    2 days ago

    Body and Mind Flow
    In my book Experiencing Flow I interview several people who shared their thoughts and experiences with flow. One of these people was @hazel_findlay, professional climber, coach, & founder of Strong Mind. I interweave Hazel’s insights throughout the book, as someone who both knows flow first-hand as one of the world’s leading female rock climbers, and who teaches many of the strategies I cover in my book in her work with climbers. I really appreciate having Hazel’s voice included in my book. #flow #flowbook #flowseekers ... See MoreSee Less
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    1 week ago

    Body and Mind Flow
    The Olive BranchSo the Cinque Terre hike has lots of steps - and large ones. I found a makeshift walking stick along the way. Shortly after, we came across a quaint stand on a hillside, where they were serving lovely lemon iced drinks from their farm. The owner @origini5terre, Lorenzo, commented on my poor excuse for a walking stick and said he could make me a better one. He walked down the hill a bit and came back with a solid olive branch. But instead of giving it to me, he used a handsaw and then carving tool to create a hand-crafted stick from one of his olive trees. How fortunate was I to come across such a skilled and kind craftsman. And the cold lemon drink was just the thing to quench our thirst. So when you’re hiking Cinque Terre between Vernazza and Corniglia be sure to stop for a cold drink and warm Italian hospitality 🍹 #kindnessofstrangers #flowinaction ... See MoreSee Less
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    1 week ago

    Body and Mind Flow
    Cinque Terre hike - beyond beautiful. ... See MoreSee Less
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