As an expert in flow state research, Dr. Sue Jackson is a consultant to various organisations looking to take advantage of this evidence-based branch of performance psychology. Sue also runs workshops & group trainings, and writes about the psychology of peak performance and optimal experience.


Specialising in helping people find what they want to do and develop strategies to achieve it, Sue is a performance psychologist with years of experience. Sue works with individuals who are seeking to meet the challenges of their personal and professional lives, athletes looking for a competitive edge, and businesses and groups interested in training employees in psychological aspects of optimal performance.

Group Trainer

At the heart of every successful business are its people. Developing performance psychology skills in your team can improve productivity, organisation, and performance. Sue has years of experience running groups trainings teaching participants to work more effectively as individuals and as a team.


Sue’s academic background provides expertise that she can leverage to help your organisation grow. With a wealth of experience presenting, Sue speaks passionately and informatively about positive psychology, flow state, acceptance and commitment therapy and how you can use these skills in your work and personal life.

Dr Sue Jackson

Expert in Flow & Performance Psychology

Dr. Sue Jackson is recognized internationally as an expert in flow state research in performance, co-authoring the foundational book, Flow in Sports: The Keys to Optimal Experiences and Performances’ with flow founder, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Dr. Sue Jackson completed her PhD on flow research at the University of North-Carolina-Greensboro. She is now recognised as an industry expert in flow research and performance psychology. Sue consults for various flow centred organisations and works with individual clients looking to unlock their best performance.

Sue has a strong and diverse background of training, and a real interest in making a positive difference to real-world challenges. Sue guides clients to uncover what they want to achieve, and develop strategies to make it happen.

What is Flow?

You’ve almost certainly experienced flow in your life, but you might not know it by this name. Flow is one of the most rich and meaningful experiences in life, involving complete immersion in what we are doing. When in flow, we are fully involved, interested, and present in what we are doing. Flow can be hard to cultivate, but the benefits are substantial. Being in a state of flow improves our performance, and enhances enjoyment in what we do.

Everyone is capable of improving their mind-set and awareness. Our programs are designed to help you on this path towards more optimal living, whatever your performance environment, or personal wellbeing goals.

The absorption in the task at hand that occurs in flow facilitates optimal performance. Everyone is capable of improving their mind-set and awareness, and our programs are designed to help you on this path towards more optimal living, whatever your performance environment or personal wellbeing goals. Some of the programs on offer include individual consulting and courses for groups and organisations interested in greater wellbeing and productivity of their teams and staff.

Monthly Mindfulness Group

There is research support for the benefits of mindfulness for performance, stress, and wellbeing. Sue runs a monthly mindfulness group, it’s is a great way to learn about mindfulness and experience the research-backed benefits first hand; or if you already have an established practice, to take part in a regular group-led session that may help deepen your own personal practice.

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