Performance Psychology

Helping You to be Your Best

,Sue is a skilled psychologist with a wealth of experience helping people to reach their goals, and set even more ambitious ones. Sue has worked with a wide variety of people looking to perform at their best, from athletes to business professionals; teams and artistic performers. Get in touch with Sue today to build your skills. 

Available in person in the Brisbane suburb of Bardon and online from anywhere in the world via Zoom or Skype.


Sue coauthored the book “Flow in Sports” that teaches athletes and coaches how to take advantage of flow state to gain a competitive edge.


At the heart of every successful business are its people. Developing performance psychology skills in your team can improve productivity, job satisfaction, and performance.

Training Programs

Body and Mind Flow offer a range of training programs for groups and individuals interested in developing mindfulness, awareness, and focus.

Learn Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an essential skill for high performance and for wellbeing. Learn, or deepen, a practice of mindfulness through individually tailored sessions with Sue.

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