Performance & Flow Workshops

Unlock your organisations peak performances

Find Deep Focus

Work with Sue to more quickly find a deep focus, allowing you to create your most meaningful work.

Sue is a curious, attentive psychologist with decades of experience helping people to be their best.

Science of Flow

Sue is one of the foundational researchers in the science of flow – the state of being in the zone where time stands still.

Work with Sue to get more flow in your life, more results, and a mind-set that is both enjoyable and productive.

 Peak Performance

Your organisation is unique, and so is its path to optimal performance.

Sue will build a tailor-made approach with you to help your team get unstuck, move forward, and progress towards achieving your goals.

Workshops Tailored to Your Needs

Sue runs workshops on flow and mindfulness, and their application to high performance and quality of life.

Workshops and ongoing training programs are tailor-made for:

  • Business and workplace settings
  • Athletes and coaches
  • Performing artists
  • Individuals interested in mindfulness & flow

Sue works with each group’s identified goals and desired focus. Whether you are interested in greater resilience to stress, clarity of values and goals, development of mindfulness skills, or strategies to achieve flow, Sue can provide you with expert knowledge and practical applications for your life or work setting.

Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness is a state of total awareness in the present moment. Being fully present to your here and now experience, and accepting your experience as it presents, rather than struggling with or avoiding it, opens you to life’s possibilities. Individual and group training in the area of mindfulness can help with developing skills to be living more in the present moment. Learning to be more mindful can help us to find calm, even amidst the many challenges that life can present us with.

Mindfulness programs cover simple, accessible practices to develop present-focused awareness, stillness, and calm. Drawing on both western psychological approaches such as ACT, and eastern meditative traditions, Sue’s workshops provide you with strategies to navigate the storm.

Flow Workshops

Once experienced, flow is a much sought-after state. It is one of the most treasured states of experience. And, it is attainable – once the pathways to this optimal psychological state are understood. Dr Sue Jackson has researched the flow experience over many years, using a variety of investigative approaches. Sue’s expert knowledge of flow can help you discover your pathways to finding flow in what you do. If high performance is your goal, flow is the key to unlock your optimal performance. Tailor-made programs to help facilitate flow in your sport/work/life setting can be developed and delivered by Sue, a leading expert in the research and application of this optimal psychological state.

For more information on the psychological state of flow, see the Flow Resources section.

Gain the skillset that will help take you on the path towards your goals –   contact Sue to discuss your workshop needs.

Work with Sue

Work together with a world-leading high performance psychology expert to help your organisation unlock its best possible performance. Sue can help your team apply the latest evidence based psychological science to find better focus, perform better and stress less.


Online Workshops Available

Sue works with people all over the world to help them learn the skills they need to unlock their best performances, discover present moment awareness and achieve their goals.

Get in touch today to book a free 15 min consultation call to see if its a good fit.

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