Optimal Performance In The Workplace


Find Flow in Your Work

 if you are wanting to achieve peak performance at work, consider performance coaching with Dr Sue Jackson.

Sue can provide individually-appropriate, and targeted strategies to help achieve clarity, focus, and optimal performance, in your workplace. Guided by principles of flow, and working with other evidence-based psychological strategies, Sue will work alongside you in a calm and supportive way, encouraging self-belief and resilience.

By examining how thinking influences what we do, and how we respond under stress, participants will learn how to develop their awareness and ability to be in the present moment. By challenging common perceptions, and helping to provide perspective on our thinking, Sue can show how performance psychology can act as a navigation tool for success.

Workplace training is tailored to individual’s desired goals. Some of the areas that can be covered include:  

  • Confidence and resilience
  • Performance enhancement
  • Stress management
  • Identifying key values & goals
  • Mindfulness strategies & tools


For more information, or to arrange a session to optimise work performance and experience, please contact Sue.

Gain a competitive edge with translation of cutting-edge research to your performance