Performance In The Workplace

Optimal performance in the workplace

At the heart of every successful business are its people. Developing performance psychology skills in your team can improve productivity, organisation, and performance.

At Body and Mind Flow, comprehensive individual and team training is provided to help achieve clarity and focus in the workplace. Through the principles of flow, we educate staff in time and focus management at work to benefit the business and encourage professional growth and development.

By examining how thinking influences what we do, and how we respond under stress, individuals will learn how to develop their awareness and ability to be in the present moment.
By challenging common perceptions, and restructuring simple processes, the team at Body and Mind Flow, led by Dr Sue Jackson, will demonstrate how performance psychology can act as a navigation tool for success.

We offer workplace training for:

  • Performance enhancement
  • Stress management
  • Identifying key values & goals
  • Mindfulness techniques